Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while youโ€™re alive.

John Mayer

Bitches Again.

Oh my. You deserve a standing ovation from my middle finger, bitch.

Wow, howโ€™d you do that?!! You crazy moron, you sure have plenty of time huh?! To even bother on that piece of shit issue you are apparently creating?!! In the first place bitch, you hacked my accounts just months ago deleted all my precious more-that-a-hundred photos (how did I know? because you deleted the album on my other fb account with you in it while the rest of the print screened convos of some girls heโ€™s flirting with are still there. Easy to track right?) and sure up untill now you are still bitching with my twitter account!! I donโ€™t give a f*ck with your ugly friends and their rubbish tweets for Godโ€™s sake!! You and your friends are so funny! Non sense loads and loads of crap kids!!!

YOU.ARE.ONE.OF.A.KIND. For bringing chaos always to my ever peaceful world.

People donโ€™t always need advice. Sometimes all they need is a hand to hold, ear to listen & a heart to understand.